Tuesday, August 3, 2010

X In Order

Since this whole blog is about My learning process, my inspirations and the things I love. I should do a post on some of the most important girls in my life and how much I learned from them.
Sheana, she was my first real girlfriend I learned A LOT from her lol But she also taught me about the importance of age difference in a relationship and that you may not think it makes a difference but it most definately does. At different ages you want and need different things. She was 18 going on 19 and I was 16 lol But her and I are still close friends and have a lot of love for wach other after all this time and plan to collaborate in the future on some projects for ADEEN! She does great work as you will see ;D

Dewi, she was my second real girlfriend. She taught me a lot about the importance of seperating friendship and romance in a relationship and maintaining equilibriam between the two. You can't have too much of either side or things mess up in the end. Age also made a difference. She was a bit younger than me and again, wanted and needed different things and I had already been through more than her. But again Dewi and I are still really good friends and will always be. I love you Dewi! Thanks for being poppin! :D

Ahhhhh Bam... lol My longest and most meaningful relationship. Whattttt an experience. I had some of the best, most intimate, emotional times I've ever had! I learned MASSIVE amounts from this girl and this realtionship. The first time I think I was really really Loved and felt it back. I learned to show my emotion more and be more affectionate and that being in a relstionship really does require you to have a job haahha. But I also learned about long term relationships, NOT CHEATING, not taking things to fast, and from this I learned to just not be in such serious relationships. Bam and I are still friends (when she wants me to be her friend lol) and still have MAD love for each other. <3

Amanda Munch. Lol she was right after Bam. Shhhheeee was my "Dream Girl" lol She taught me a lot about what I wanted and what I needed. The first two months of this relationship were two of the most amazing months of my life. And then the other two were some of the worst. lol showed me that some people are best off as friends and when thinngs get too "relationshippy" they get complicated. I'm too young to be in anything really serious. Amanda and I are VERY good friends still even though we fight sometimes but we still love each other very much. OH! and shes an amazing photographer! :D

Hmmmmm Stacy Grey lol She was my shortest relationship. Right after Amanda. I learned to really get to know someone before getting into a relationship. But uhhhhhh we still cool! I guess... lol she looked good though! :D

But all in all I ain't gon' tell ya'll EVERYTHING about these relationships. There is plenty more to tell but I just wanted to share with you guys what I've learned from all of them and how they have helped me grow and mature. Which is important in any experience you have, not necessarily what happens in it, but what you take from it. Learn and grow.


Anonymous said...

you really bag 'em Remy!

∆DEEN! said...

hahaha true true hahah

Anonymous said...

thought you was a man with jungle fever mayn lol the amount of black girls that you've posted on here Shiiiiieeeetttttt lol