Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I Will be doing a weekly Ustream show! Every Thursday night at 10 PM Eastern Standard time.... NYC time lol Every week I will have a different Guest on the show. Tomorrow will be just Scott and I but the main focus will be on me. Scott will be focused on in 2 weeks. So get your questions ready for tomorrow night! It will be poppin I promise! I will let you guys know EVERYTHING you want to know about Assman, ADEEN, anddd uhhh all'em cute ass girls I be postin' 'bout. So yeah! Tune in!! :D


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ToriiBaby said...

You should go on its a better version of ustream and they pay you if you get alot of viewers!!!! Just a hint and btw your suca a inspiration i love the ASSMAN panties im sooo getting me some when there out forsure!!!