Monday, August 23, 2010


Ok! Sooooo a lot of people have been asking what "Thmm"means and what it sounds like.... well THMM to all THOSE people who haven't tuned (thmm'd lol sorry sorry) into my USTREAM to hear me say it in context. BUT! alas! We have a PERFECT explanation of what it means. And from one of the originators of the word, Thmm. Curtis?

RT Carlito Brigante Well yu c Thmmmm was created on a bright sunny day at 40oz bounce, yu can use Thmmm for anything if yu look at ur pay check n they didnt pay yu enough yu say THMMM if a girl calls yu n says im pregnant yu say THMMMM lmaooo n there u have it thmmm

Thank you Curtis aka Carlito Brigante. Eloquently put. Like I said before there is no true way to "define" thmm as it is more of an expression that a word. More of a reaction

So as you can clearly see, it makes very much sense! Annnddd lastly for those who have trouble READING! And cannot pronounce a simple one syllable expression... thmm.... Heres an instructional video.
And There You have it! Thmm in its entirety. ENJOY THMM'N THESE HOES! hahah say it when appropriate only please. Don't kill it lol

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