Friday, August 6, 2010


hahahahha I explained what Thmm meant on Ustream and people seemed to love it! It was HALLRIOUS! Thanks to everyone who tuned in and adopted the word Thmm! MAKE IT WORLD WIDE!

HAHHAHAHAHA and thats just tonight!!!


Anonymous said...

Bro hes wanst trying to make a video, i respect your swag but your not seeing the bigger pic, yeezy wasnt trying to make a popin video, he's doing something new. something that we dont understand. dont be ignorant and contradict the lifestyle of uniqueness that got you to were you are now. Aproach it with an open mind. obvuiously he wasnt trying to make a music video, he even stated it was a painting. I found this last post annoying by you and honestly thought you were enough of an artist to see hes breaking boundries and people gonna hate and destroy shit they dont understand its our jobs as artist to respect someone esles medium especially when its soooo new and fresh. idk u let a hudge fan down.

∆DEEN! said...

I dunno what your talking about. I liked the "painting". i thought it was dope lol it was the people who tweeted me who thought it was wack. I just wish it was longer and had a bit more energy for such an energetic song. But I liked it. sooo uhhh yeah. Thmm to you hahah

Anonymous said...

Haha ok I luv u again no mo. But dead ass try to be more articulate. Seriously