Thursday, August 26, 2010

Some of My Fave Bettys

Shes off limits, My sister in law
But Charlie.... woooooh She can get it hahah <3

Charlie Betty <3

Sharifa <3 she bad

Charlie again... could get it lol

Daughter in law hahaha But shes amazingly Beautiful! Zander dont lose this one!

Dem Lips tho Sharifa
yooooodddeeeee :D

My giiiirrlllffrrraannn Jude :D
Givin us that cleave <3
Yoodee! A beauty and a talent! Shes always supported! Pictures cant full capture her gorgeousniscity!

This is so funny to me cuz shes so quiet and calm but when it comes to music shes so passionate and energetic!
Renell is the type of Betty you tumble bout. Totally Tumblr Worthy. Betty!
The most beautiful wonderful amazing Twins I know <3 :D

Lets end this with mah giiirrrlllffrrraaannnn Jude! hahahah :D

BETTYS! ALL OF THEM! Theyve all supported me and have been nice to me and have influenced me in some way at some time! So for that they deserve a post! Thanks Ladies :}

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