Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Painting The Universe Pink!

This one comes all the way from Germany! Thanks Nidia Schröder for making this! Looks legit! I sent you a bunch of stickers hopefully theyll get there soon! :D

Angel Hernandez again with this one! haha his gangsta ass turned Assman into a gang sign! YEH YEH! ASSMAN SET!

Found this one on facebook! It was Alex Ver's profile picture hahaha shes based in London. Thanks! :D

Jovany found this one too! Dope! Thanks anonymous!

iiiigghhttt so i know this isnt really us but this was sent to me froma supporter hahaha I felt like the thought was still there! thanks thanks! :D



Anonymous said...

Where or who do you send the pics to?

yduran said...