Friday, August 20, 2010


Sorry for being super extra wack and dry with these posts. I've had to go back to my retail job -___- which takes up 9 hours of my day and COMPLETELY drains me of any creativity and drive to blog. I Can't for the day I never have to go back there.... Thats what I'm working towards. Thats what all of us should work towards... I hope each and everyone of my readers works hard at their craft and goes IN at school so that you never have to hate where you work. So that you can love what you do and do what you love. But Never give up! WORK! DO IT! I promise I have big things coming from me for you guys. I wont let any of you who be dissapointed in me. I love you guys! Thanks for watching Ricci and I in tonights USTREAM. Hopefully next weeks guest will either be Coco and Breezy or Ugo Mozie. What do you guys think?! But again! Fuck a 9 - 5 retail job! I hate it! So not for me =/ and another Again! SORRY! please forgive my lack of posts!
Picture is completely unrelated I just really like her lips haha! :D

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