Friday, August 27, 2010

Outfit Of The Day: August 27th 2010

How do you guys feel about todays outfit? It was kind of thrown together last minute cuz I had to go somewhere haha! But yeah! Outfits of the week coming soon! Thoughts?



ProductOfBx said...

that first pic with the drawing effects is fly. try a cool kids type outfit wit a snap back hat and a gold link chain, nd maybe a bike too lol

Planet Koda said...

First picture is on point! Crazy!

outfit if fresh as always though man!

Anonymous said...

Excellent outfit and drawing effects from the first picture.

Just lose the phone out of your pants lol.

J. SH/\RPE said...

Fly as always Remy, especially the 1st pic with the sketch effects on it. Are those pants frm Topman cuz they look familiar?? and Where do i get my own assman??

Anonymous said...

LOVE the sweater, and the first picture editing :)

Chrissy said...

are you gay? cause looking at your blog all i can say is this kid is such a fag. =/