Monday, August 16, 2010

Number 90

So this is my 90th Blog post this month.... IVE BEEN DOING MY THANG! Blogging a LOT is what a blogger is supposed to do! People always ask me what can they do to get more followers and more viewers. Its really as simple as JUST BLOGGING! If thats all you can afford to do financially and time wise, then DO IT! Do it every minute! Its REAL important if ALL your doing is blogging. I understand Maybe your busy but.... BLOG! Try and keep up. My numbers show the more I blog the more views and viewers I get each day! Its important to keep your views up! BLOG PEOPLE BLOG! You can do it. I know my viewers ain't no sucka ass fools! Yall can do it! So for my 90th Post I'll put up some pics from my weekend haha! ENJOY!

My Scott face haha

Me and Eric being Artsy Fartsy
ahahah fail of a picture

She know she want me lol
She was a good ass dancer lol
Just Some pics!
Nothing happened shes just cute lol
Downstairs was crazy too! There was 3 floors and a Roof!
Smh great party haha
That Blackberry took some great pics

On the way to 40oz Bounce! Rained a bit but was still live. SHOUTS TO VAN! THANKS BRUTHA!

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Anonymous said...

i think i like the white layout better it made your blog look like an art gallery