Friday, August 6, 2010

I Remember Getting Pictures Like This

Hahaha I used to get a LOT of them back when I was 15-16. Girls were just growing boobies and I just started to be cute. Ahhhh the good old days! But the funny thing is while a lot of the naked pictures girls send be very tasteless and slutty. A lot of them can look really good and even cute. It gives me an Idea for an assman campaign.... Hmmmm :]

Hit the jump for the rest!

Not too smutty but with still a bit of sex appeal and a hint of cute! Of course my shoot will be a little less skankified a lot more proffessional looking haha But deff an idea for a shoot! Love it! :D oh yeah and I miss getting pics like this =/ thmm

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Anonymous said...

none of these chicks are hot