Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I Love These Images

Smoking is wack but shes poppin

I need some pictures like this
Normally don't post about guys but its my friend Mara's friend. Whoever Styled this and took this did a great job. Great shot.

Some one sent me her pic via facebook message. How could I not post her up?

I swear I need a road trip with just my friends and I
Fml she is perfect

*sigh* and thats a mexican gotta say
OH! Ms Perfect is Back? Thmm come hither shawty
This is everything a mufukka can ask fo'!

Dueeeecccccceeessssss ;D

I Need a pic like this too haha =/

Pink Pink Pink <} annnddd them feathers and her lips, GockZAMN!

I just think its poppin from the nose up.

Too much makeup bbbbuuuuttt her hair and face are majestical (made up words nykka)

He Da Man
This is really powerful to me
A Sad kind of beautiful

So I was watching Medabots and this kid had a Wu-Tang logo on his back hahah gangsta!

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Anonymous said...

majestical is actually a real word hahah