Thursday, August 26, 2010


A lot of people dont know the CORRECT and proper way to respond to a hater. When A hater gets at you. You do not get BACK! Or attack back at them. You just laugh. Smile, and proceed doing what you are doing. It is the best defense against them. Exhibit A 
Do you see readers? Perfect way to respond. Especially a QUCIK 2 second response. Even if it does get to you, dont let it show! Its a bad look. Plus... You get back at them without even having to really even respond. Dont let people get to you. Get to them! By laughing and succeeding. Laughter is the best medicine! :D And Best defense hahahahaha



Planet Koda said...

To true!
show them that hatin' aint gonna stop your grind!

Keep doin you


Unknown said...

No lie i used that tonight...the best revenge! laugh it off!

M.HeartStar said...

this post made me feel better because i'm going thru the same situation and i let it get to me ...but i didn't say anything to those people.

now i know that i should just laugh it off and keep doing my thing, thanks!

Nina June said...