Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fuck A Rosewood Movement

Yup. You read it right. Fuck A Rosewood Movement. I'm not with that Rosewood and Suits shit. No disrespect to it or anything. I respect everything Kanye and his team does. I'm a fan. But I'm not with all that. I'm going back to blazers, button ups and bowties. I take Time and energy and thought into an outfit that has that many layers and that much complexity and depth to it. Suits take all of the wearers creative room out of it. The most you can do is choose your shoes, shirt and tie. And then on top of that the suit limits you to what you can wear. Suits to me are like buying a whole box of Legos and then only building what comes in the instruction manual. Would you do that? Or as artists and lovers of fashion, art and style want creative freedom to what you want and have limitless possibilities? You should choose what blazer goes with what pants, without worrying if it matches, or if its already picked out. I will never buy an already put together outfit. Fuck a suit. Fuck a Rosewood Movement. Im with that Conan Clan. Conan Edogawa wore a school boy UNIFORM. But outside of that he never limited himself to suits. He mixed and matched colors and patterns, button up shirts, with blazers, bowties and shorts! I'm going back to what I love most. Conan Clan. 

And y'all ain't seen NOTHING yet. That's my old style. I'm finna go back and mix everything I've learned about style and dressing through out my years of life. Conan Clan style. Embracing and promoting individuality and artistic and stylistic creativity. Fuck with the Clan.

- Rembrandt


Anonymous said...

plaid blazer > the world

testing said...

Haha, True true!! :)

Naomi London said...

Jimmy Kudo shit. Thats wassup