Friday, August 6, 2010

Beautiful Beautiful

Pink hair... *sigh* and shes gorgeous

Hit the jump for the rest!

she makes me want to go places

Those pants and her body are super popppinnnn

So much <3

thmmm to her beauty

Who ACTUALLY exists like this? Being so damn gorgeous like... ew ma!

All Pink Everything. And A rose :)

More Pink and More Flowers. Im inpsired :)

She makes me smile

-____- why?


ahahaha My best friend Jude! I get to see her errrrday! and yall dont! :D

I love pale skin and blue hair :}

She would match perfectly with a pair of aqua VIII's <3

Women are such an inspiration! To create something as beautiful as a woman would be a great acheivement! I aim to create beauty that will spark a mind! I love all of you women! :D


Anonymous said...

perhaps you could be inspired by women of color? maybe? lol just saying i'd love to see you post some pics with more variety of women. but these chics are pretty as well :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah i agree, As you said all women are inspiration but yet theres no variety, but great post!

Anonymous said...

But if thats what he's into, ya can't hate on the kid.