Sunday, August 8, 2010


So I was thinking of doing an autumn lookbook. Just a small photoshoot as sort of a Rembrandt Duran's Style Guide to fall. Not really telling you how I think you should dress. But kind of a look into how I will be dressing this Fall. Hope you guys are gunna be interested seeing that! And no it wont just be me in a bunch of pictures. I will of course be putting a creative twist on the shoot and the final photos. What do you guys think?? Let Me Know!

- Remy


Anonymous said...

sounds like a great idea. lemme know if you need any help but i know you already got francis on that

-amanda munch

Anonymous said...

do you even have to ask? go for it man! :)

FashionZealot said...

sounds like a good look. I would def like to see that

Anonymous said...

what ever you do is amazing. so do your ting gg.. can't wait to see that

- From a Girl from London who is pretty much obsessed with you :p ♥