Saturday, August 7, 2010

Assman Photoshoot

Since Ricci Never sent the rest of the pics. Here is the first half!

Hit The Jump To See The Rest! Well.... Half of the Rest! Sorry Again for the delay!

The Rest Will Come Soon


acescarter said...

this is really dope stuff.
been following you folk for a while.

big ups.

Mara said...

hahhaha i see elliott! these look great, remy

∆DEEN! said...

Thanks Thanks you guys!!

Jevon said...

haha wow, this is really funny
good job you guys!
Looks like you had funn

Janyce said...

J'adore :D

∆DEEN! said...

Thanks for all the love guys! This was soooo fun and great for me! Came out just how I wanted! Im glad you guys like it!

Anonymous said...

chicken legs? thmm :)
but i love every one of these pics
Remy's a boss :)

Anonymous said...

lmaooooo look at remys legs in the first

And ok sharifa i see u..thmmm