Monday, July 26, 2010

Jude Kazar

My good friend Jude has took it upon herself to create a blog that is a little bit different from your average blog. Heres how she describes her blog....
So, this isn't my first blog. I actually have another one meant for more personal use, which usually is either venting my teen angst, or addressing the random thoughts in my head.

However, recently I've been contemplating creating another blog that would now address my interests in film, and today I finally did it! So for anyone who has stumbled upon this 2nd blog of mine, basically what I'm aiming for through this one is to use this as an attempt to hopefully get myself out there as much as I can through Blogspot as well as use this to discuss movies in a variety of ways. I currently aspire to become either a film editor or producer for major movies, still working that out, but I do know that's what I will be applying to college for.

So, I guess this is somewhat of an experiment, but also an opportunity to take a more serious approach to my main interest in film, so I hope you enjoy and please share this with friends or follow me if you'd like :)

BUT! To me it is much more than that. She doesn't just blog about wether she likes movies or doesn't. She takes certain scenes she likes and openings of shows that inspire and spark thought and action. If your into film and something different for the masses with a blog that never clashes! Check out...
The blog is just a baby! But keep checking up!

Oh! And shes been on the blog before because shes gorgeous! <3

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Anonymous said...

Love film blogs, especially her thanks for the introduction.
Can you guys read my film blog. the more views i have the more money i get for funding my new movie.