Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dipset, The Only Musicians and Celebrities That Inspire Me

Seriously... I think Dipset was and still is the Greatest Rap Group EVER. They seriously came out of NO WHERE and took the game over. Cam'ron is my favorite rapper of ALL time. I think no one will ever top him. He's such a pop culture icon too. He created No Homo, Pause, Curve and many more sayings. He made it cool to wear pink in one of Raps most gangsta eras. He put Harlem back on the map and was a Rap style icon. He made Jim Jones what he is today and he made Juelz Santana what he is today. He's putting Vado on the map and making a comeback himself. You may not agree and say hes not the greatest but you can't argue or deny that hes a legend. He's the only rapper to rap tooty frooty booty booty and make it sound hot! He's a hustler and he makes money by working hard. He is the only rapper and celebrity to influence the way I dress and design style. He is my hero. I Love Cam'ron, No Homo.

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Frenchiie said...

Damnnn Jimmy rockin the Doobie well!