Saturday, July 31, 2010

Assman! We Painting The Town Pink!

Amazing Drawing done by my best friend Eric Narvaez. Hes an amazing artist, expect more from him soon... very soon!

Shouts to Veronica! We went to the same school back in middle school! I get a random text from her! Wow! That made my day that day! Thanks again! :D

My good friend Stanley Steel made this from a Yogurt cup tonight in the street haha!! 

Link On Ricci STEEZ's blog to my site! Dope Graphic! I know its blurry but thats cuz its tiny on his page. But yeah! lol

But this here.... is honestly the greatest point in my desigining career, I know I haven't been doing this for that long but.... WOW! This is a really amazing feeling... Like... Seriously brought a tear to my eye. Again I keep saying this... but I DO THIS FOR YOU! Especially for people like this that make this twitter page to help spread the word. Its really amazing. It may not seem like much but it shows me people really love what I'm doing... So for you... I will CONTINUE to do what I do. And I promise to not let you down! Thank you everyone for being so patient! Everything will be released shortly. I promise! I'm just making it as perfect as I can for you guys!

OH! and the video from the photoshoot should be coming out tomorrow ;D just for you guys! I love each and every reader! I swear! Thank You!

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