Friday, July 9, 2010

Albino Hommes

Sooooo I was kinda sorta featured on Albino Hommes with my Red Ribbon Army crew and along side Rhuigi Marc. The post said things along the lines of us obstructing the original vision of the deisgners by making quote-unquote "hood". EHHH wrong lol I can't speak for Rhuigi and his peoples but for us A. Most of the shit we where isn't even designer, its thrift or just hand me downs. And B. Style isn't about following the designers original vision. Style is about taking clothing and dressing in a way where you create your own vision and making that masterpiece. Ehhh dunno if he was talking about me because he was talking about 13 different people and I have a personal relationship with Shaun and has told me numerous times he loves my style, (except for all the pink I wear he HATES that haha) BUT! Just thought I'd put my two cents in since he did. Anyway thanks for the shout out! :D Love you Shaun Hope Your Having Fun in Europe! See you when you get back!

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