Thursday, June 17, 2010

Some Of My Favorite Outfits

Of Me! lol sorry

Sooo yeah! Some of my fave outfits I've ever put on! What do you guys think?


Anonymous said...

I think you (and all of your friends) need to re-evaluate what you are sending off about yourselves with all these "projects". You all define yourselves as artists...but if you're really artists then you wouldn't be striving so hard for fame. If you were all confident enough in your own individual passions, you wouldn't feel the need to do this as a means of reassurance. Posting countless pictures of yourself posing and talking about how you get "the puss" will not get you sucessful in the fashion industry...try showing some dedication, some love, some care about everything fashion...and try to be more modest about it. This Remy is not attractive in any sense.

Carlton Yaito said...

Ahhh, you make some good points and some bad. As a whole we don't just go around talking about ourselves at every moment but these sites we have are about us. We believe people like us for what we do and we do strive for success. You can't make comments like that when you don't work with us. So yes you made your point very clear, but don't judge what you really don't know. Plus half of these looks are on lookbook, all he did was repost them...

Mimi said...

Wow, is all I can say. I love your blog already, and I just found out about it today through lookbook. Your photos just motivate me. Great work!

Noel of imsolove said...

Thumbs up dude, own those diors my self gotta love them shits lol

Adesuwa said...

anonymous... stfu. he does show dedication & love so hop of his nuts please & thank you (:

i like everything minus the outfit in the 7th pic & the lumber jack boots in the last pic. i can't pic a fav but i love that furry shawl-ish/hat thingy aha.

lol at jovany's face in that 4th pic

Mara said...

Ooooh beef! Hahaha I love that letterman jacket of yours, I've always wanted to tell you that. Oh, and-- sweet rosary, jew.