Thursday, May 13, 2010



Style... We all have it. Sometimes we have a good sense of style and sometimes people have a horrible sense of style. But when it comes down to it. We all have a personal sense of style. Wether you take inspiration from your favorite celebrity or from cartoons or from nature etc. Watever the case may be it is YOUR sense of style. Do not let any one tell you you can't dress. I may tell people this on the regular (lol) but my opinion doesn't really mean anything in the long run. It doesn't mean anything in the short run. Its all about what you love and what you wear. I may not be able to see what inspired you to wear that. Or may not see the outfit how you saw it and what you were thinking when putting it together. Just do you. Be yourself. Love what and who you are. Wether you want to wear a man skirt or be a girl and dress in all guy clothes. Dont give a fuck what any body says. Just be you. It may be hard at times when people critisize you a lot or give you shit. But keep on doing what your doing.