Thursday, April 15, 2010

What Have I Been Saying??


You know how when you go to a ’90s party, all you see is dudes channeling the Native Tongues’ steez? Well, when the ’00s parties begin, you’re gonna see a lot of kids kitted up just like the Diplomats. At the peak of the crew's power, heads from Harlem to Honolulu were jocking the Dipset style. Cam, Jimmy, Juelz and ’nem may not have originated every trend in this pictorial, but you can’t deny that it was their collective influence that made shit popular--from the early days of throwbacks, bandanas, and all-pink-everything to their more recent obsession with LV scarves, wallet chains, and skull-and-bones (just ask Capo). The movement may have stopped movin' (for now,) but the memories will live forever with our Style History of the Diplomats. Piff!

From Complex