Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sorry For All Of The Videos

We're beginning to look like mutruckin World Star Hip Hop! Buutttt ANYWAY! back to what I wanted to say. The other day I had a meeting with some MTV producers about a possible show.... Now don't get too EXCITED!!!! (I'll try too cuz ZAMMMNN AMMM I HYPE) but nothing is for certain my G's. So... like.... pray to Moses, Jesus, Vishnu, Buddha and Ralph Lauren for us lol Buttttt yeah! Many many things coming your way, I'm really trying to make my own moves to further ADEEN and the Red Ribbon Army. S.O.D.A. POP festival in Central Park on June 25th!!! BE THERE! Ok i'm donw for nowwww enjoy this pic of me :D lol


1 comment:

Wahiba said...

Love your movement, I wish you guys were based in London!

I'm an avid reader of ur blog, drop by sometime, wabie-daily.blogspot.com x