Sunday, April 11, 2010


I know this interview is months old,it's from MIDEM 2010 about 3 months back. One of my favorite interviews! Enjoy. Click HERE to see what "Enliven" means. A Thesaurus is always good to "up" your vocabulary.

" you hear that sound dawg? thats the crowd man. My crowd go crazy! Yo' shit just get loud man!"

My brother Dig attends the show last night at Filmore. Lupe! next time send 4 tickets, lol. (jokes)Glad you enjoyed the show though. These bars are "Wocka.Flocka.Flamez"! haha (inside joke)



Tommy Monti ( said...

pharrel is an inspiration

Key said...

Wow that freestyle was amazine LUPE and Pharrell both deserve standing alvations i am so inspired by both so much keep on posting this real shit like you been doin