Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Yoooo Tonight! Pshh TONIGHT SON!

Was rediculously exciting! It was incredible! I'm completely new to the club scene but wow! Completely diferent from what I had expected! Really cool people and amazing music! Tonight was extra special because I just so happened to catch a performance by Ryan Leslie for his wifes birthday! Saw Russel Simmons just jammin out in the corner and saw our family LV The Stylist! We chipped it up and had just an amazing time! I look up to him soooo much! Met a lot of cool people! And THENNN Paris Hilton Pulled through haha it was INSANE! :D And best of all No Lines, No ID and we had a table! lol My advice is to make some club promoter friends ASAP! lol Free bottles all night was great but, no drinking over here! :D still cool to say though lol Check out a video of Ryan Leslie singing Happy Birthday to his BEAUTIFUL wife!!

Hit The Jump for a video of last Weekend at Juliet for Damon Peruzzi's birthday party where Kelis Performed!


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there a problem with the videos

Jordan T. Dilwood said...

lol sounds like a great time. follow my blog if you can