Thursday, March 25, 2010

TODAY! Crrraazzyyy day! lol

So today I linked up with Great $cott and he brought me to the Rush Offices of Russel Simmons. Let me tell you, WHAT an experience!! I got to meet Rasheed Young for the first time, and let me tell you, this dude is HALLARIOUS (yes i know i spelled it wrong thats my special way of spelling it) But yeah! Not only is he funny but he is a really really really really smart guy who has MAJOR experience in this game. I'm talking wisdom for days! If you're reading this thanks again for everything and pleasure to meet you! :D After we left Rush Offices I raced $cott down to Soho, I was on my bike, he took the train, I totally won. Eff the MTA lol But we met up with Perry Dash and went to the Dojo (Dame Dash's home away from home) and surprise to me there was an art exhibit! And Eryka Badhu was there just chillin and performed! Anyway anyway hit continue reading button to see the videos we took from today! Enjoy!



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