Monday, February 1, 2010

Young Crafters.

This is a brief over-view of whats to come from this project titled "YOUNG CRAFTER$" started by Jovany and Daniel "Diggy" Simmons

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"Young Crafters" consists of 14 year old Daniel “Diggy” simmons, 15 year old Jovany Perez, and 14 year old Lyna Zerrouki. Three young fashion tastemakers with a phenomenal creative force that have a common goal. We are more than turning our craft into cash, but inspiring young adults to strive for their dreams at an early stage Combining style, music and the realm of art, these three inventive individuals are the leaders of the new age. Aiming to break new grounds and innovating the creative business. Effortlessly bringing style and creativity to the table as we continue to grow physically and mentally. Outside of “Young Crafters” we each strive independently with our own projects and collaborations but come together as one to show the fashion world that the youth has style as well.


Jonny-Boy the βlаскsтrоnаuт said...

i'm excited about this. congrats dude, i'll def be following you & the crew to stay updated with this movement.
Best of Luck


∆DEEN! said...

thanks thanks!

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