Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What ADEEN Means To Rembrandt Duran

So I've talking to Jovany about what ADEEN means to me... and honestly ADEEN means EVERYTHING to me. Not only is it a blog about fashion and about the amazing designers and artists that inspire us to be who we are, but it is our process and vision in which ADEEN is becoming. I may blog about stupid things like a special girl in my life or maybe just an amazing day I had. It may not seem very "professional" or artistically important to many people, but this blog isn't supposed to be about only the latest line that came out. It's supposed to be the day to day inspiration we are faced with and how Jovany and I grow into the amazing things we are destined to be. It may be the name of my new girlfriend to inspire me to combine Grey and Hot Pink and neon colors into a line of street wear and motor cycle jackets, or it could be a blood spatter on the dirty streets of the Lower East Side to inspire a fitted cap. I don't just design one thing either, I design thing anything that comes to mind....(Click Read More to continue)

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I'm a very passionate person when it comes to fashion. I get so inspired sometimes I tear when I draw, because this is what I am destined to do. I'm also extremely inspired by my partner and brother Jovany's success. Although most people would hate on little mans because hes 15 and is having more success than me at 18... It inspires me. I have honestly never been jealous of anyone in my life up until now. But its not a spiteful jealousy, it is an inspiring pushing jealousy to strive and work and grind harder than ever before to catch up to my partner. He means a lot to me, thats family I swear. We're going to be somebodies one day. I'll have the golden Bugatti, he'll have the Black on Black. We'll have drag races in Paris to see who pays for dinner with Karl Lagerfeld that night. I swear on my life. ADEEN$

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