Monday, March 1, 2010

Random Sources Of Inspiration

He is like... One of my Favorite Rappers. One day I'll get to style him and Wayne word to me. New Star tattoo on his head.... Soo woo. But forreal Birdman is THE-MAN!

Behbeh girl showed me this! The Heel is CRAZY! Kinda did something similar in my Sketch book. But the Shoe itself coooullldd be better..... No no no no no they need to better. But we (Meaning you and I ((I being the reader... YOU!)) will only focus on the heel). And YES people i DID do the mythical double parenthesis. A parenthesis inside a parentheisis. lol pause... kinda!

QUE!!?! Aye Senior! Shits is wondeful! Already have a Blazer designed inspired by these B-A-U-T's!


Kwame Panther said...

omfgggggggg i need these in my life

Andy Santiago Jr said...

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