Friday, February 5, 2010

Grow Up

I got a very inspiring and important phone call today from a good good friend Antoine Shepard. We had a 24 minute phone conversation that enlightened me on many many many things about myself. I realized things about myself that others had been telling me for years but i had never really payed attention to. I had never fully understood until this one phone call. Antoine Shephard is a great family friend and somewhat of a mentor to me. But now I see what I say and do sometimes may come off wrong to other people because they do not fully understand me. But that is understandable because no, they don't understand me. I am 18 years old and need to realize everything I say and do can be seen by others that may want to work with me or hire me in the future and it may deter them from wanting to do so with me. The phone call literally brought me to tears because of how moved I was. I've never had a male figure believe in me the way he did in that phone call. I know it wasn't much to him but it meant the world to me. I have learned to watch what I say and limit my wild actions to when I am with my closest friends and be a bit more proffessional when i am in the public eye. Thanks Antoine.-Remy


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Anonymous said...

You know that anytime I can help, I will. Its not that the call didn't mean a lot too me, because it did. It was that it wasn't something that was difficult or a burden; it was a necessity. And if it served its purpose, then it was the most important call I've ever made.

Being a good friend is like being a good photographer: You have to search for the right moment. -- Vegeta