Tuesday, February 23, 2010

FormSpring Questions!


Questions Answered

how do you do to be so amazing?

hahaha thanks thanks but I think were just our selves. We dont try and be like other people or even look up to anyone. We look up to oursleves like a mirror on the ceiling you dig!!!

just now

how old are you guys?

Jovany is 15 and Remy is 18

47 seconds ago

Can anyone else be in young crafters if they have the drive and talent for it?

Youll have to talk to Diggy Simmons about that! Jovany and I have no real say into who or what happens in YC$. Its a group desicion. But you deff need to catch our eye and be making moves. Its not easy and Jovany worked hard to be were hes at

1 minute Ago

can i join Red Ribbon Army or ADEEN$? - from Chicago

Well ADEEN isnt really like a group people can join, its a styling team consisting of me and Jovany. And Red Ribbon Army anyone can join! Just check out the newest blog posts on ADEEN and RRA blog and support!!

2 minutes ago

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are you guys looking to collab on footwear anytime soon

If anyone has a footwear line they would like to collab with us! Just let us know!!

3 minutes ago

How does Jovany get money to buy all those louis items? and how tall is he?

Ummm hes like 5'4 i think haha anndd His parents i thnk? hes only 15.

3 minutes ago

you guys have no fashion sense. its funny at you kids be using that little kid to get publicity. its pathetic. good luck tho.

haha word word you got it!

4 minutes ago

Hater$ ^^ lolzz

what are you favorite INEXPENSIVE clothing brands?

Thrift stores anndddd i dont think anything is really inexpensive now a days lol

4 minutes ago

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Key said...

Yeah First Will U ever let a new person become a member of YOUNG CRAFTERS IF THEY ARE GOOD