Wednesday, February 17, 2010

FormSpring Questions!

What is your outfit like when you are about to go to school like what clothing line are you wearn?

R: I wear Ralph Lauren, Rugby, and just really everything i would wear on any other day.

When will the clothing line be here because im buyn every iteam lol

hahah! FW '11 probably! sorry for that long wait!

2 minutes ago

you guys are going to go far! does jovany have a too?

thanks thanks! and no Jovany does not =/ He will be making one with Diggy Simmons soon tho

3 minutes ago in this pic what are the name of both shoes.

The boots are Ralph Lauren and the sneakers are Maison Martin Margiela


what are some of the members of adeen favorite shopping spots?

Well ADEEN and Red Ribbon Army shop at sooo many different places. ADEEN mostly shops at Ralph Lauren and online shopping lol to be honest. Red Ribbon Army youll have to ask all the other 1284619 members lol

1 days ago

How did ADEEN get started? You guys should do a monthly edition of a web zine, I know you guys have the blog, but I think it'd be really amazing if it became a monthly web zine :)

ADEEN started because of Jovany approaching me and wanting to work with me in pursuing a career in fashion and creating a line/movement with me. We would create a zine but it would take a lot more than 2 people and people with a lot more knowledge in how to running one. The blog is more of a journal in our progress. It needs to be a thought out kind of thing lol good idea tho

1 days ago

Where do you find inspiration for outfits?

R: I find inspiration mostly from Cartoons or color schemes. Also through things I've seen on TV, not really celebrities but like a show or something.

1 days ago

what is your favorite clothing line?

R: My favorite clothing line is most definately Ralph Lauren

1 days ago

What one thing are you exceptionally bad at?


2 days ago


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