Thursday, January 28, 2010

Facebook Chat

Jovany Perez: theres so much going on right now, school just gets in the way lol i needa get home schooled

Me: hahah word! Imagine how i feel -_____- college? High school is easy!!

Jovany: i dont care about 99% of the kids in A&D anyway
they just dont matter, im trying to impress Lagerfeld and shit not them

What 15 year old kid you know says that??? Only Jovany of ADEEN, the Red Ribbon Army, and The Young Crafter$

We does this maann!!!!! EXPECT GREAT THINGSSS!



Niecey Small said...

heyyy i dont wanna sund like no crazy fan or nothing buh i loveeeee yor blog dude
everything about it from its post to just a the simple backround
it expired me to make a blog
i made 1 2day its not nothing really buh i would love if you could go check out out thnxz


∆DEEN! said...

grand! we are happy to have inspired you to do so!