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ADEEN interview by ItsHisYachtClub!

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Everyone check out our latest interview by ITSHISYACHTCLUB Just click the picture above/or "Read more" below and enjoy! Thanks for the interview was a pleasure.

The Future of fashion the young fashion guru's of the Adeen Magazine website,sat down with me and got down to the basics.Here the exclusive interview of Remy and Jovany of Adeen.:


Adeen Interview By:YachtClubKwame

Q:How did the Jovany and Remy partnership begin?


Remy: The Jovany and Remy Partnership began when Jovany came up to me one day in school and asked if I was interested in being partners with him in a clothing line he was interested in developing. I mean, I was always interested in the kid in school because of how he stood out among the lower classmen. He was like a mini me back then, but a lot less loud and obnoxious. They started calling him “lil remy” before I even got to meet with him! Lol

Jovany: I had just gotten back from my 2-week trip to Tokyo,Japan(seen above). I landed back in New York the day before the first day of school. I was crazy jet-lagged the first week. I was soo inspired from my trip. As remy said above they started calling me “lil remy” before we got to meet ,haha. He stood out the most fashion wise out everyone else in school. One day I pitched him the idea and we ran with it.

Q:How did you guys come up with the concept of Adeen?


Remy: Actually it was Jovany’s doing, because we never even actually had a name for what we wanted to do until he talked to an accquaintance for the first time about fashion and their respective lines and what they wanted to do. He asked Jovany what our line was called, and we didn’t have a name at all! So he told him the first word that came to mind. Adeen! It was a word my old crew, (Haute Label Society) had been using at the time, which was synonymous to what Odee means, or crazy, wild hot. A street word, he told me what happened and I loved the name! It was Perfect!

Jovany: That’s exactly how the story goes!haha I was talking to a friend via:email. Me and Remy were still in the naming process of everything. I happened to click on his myspace page while I was typing my email. He had Adeen! As his headline. I told him what happened the next day and he liked it! lol

Q:What makes Adeen different from all the other fashion blogs?


Remy: I think ADEEN is one of the most Unique blogs out there. We don’t follow what’s haute in the streets of the fashion world during fashion week or like, what runway shows are poppin’ right now. In my opinion that you can get in another blog probably a lot better of a format and exclusive content. Plus that’s what every other blog is covering at the time, we’ll cover fashion week when were there or when we have our own show. We blog about what were interested in or what’s going on in our lives and in our minds, our inspirations or daily activities we feel is blog worthy. My blogging style and Jovany’s is very different actually haha I find it funny because his are always so neat and proper and mine seem like the Kanye Caps loud excited sometimes-sloppy style!

Jovany: We blog more of US! I actually use “online magazine” to kind of “uncatergorize” ourselves from the whole fashion blog scene that’s going on right now. I’d rather post a project a friend/accquiantance is working on over YSL’s spring/summer runway show cause every other blog has it!!

Q:How would you guys describe your style in terms of everyday outfits?


Remy: Well I think my style is a mix of preppy and urban styles. Like a prep-ster I guess? I don’t really like to put myself in a category because honestly I haven’t seen anybody pull off what I pull off and wear what I wear as successfully as I have. I take my inspiration in how I dress not from a certain designer or celebrity or icon, but more of childhood memories. Such as cartoons and the wallpaper that was in my old country house. My main inspiration is Conan Edogawa of Case Closed, he’s the reason I wear bowties today.

Jovany: If I had to stick my style in one catergory it would also be something in between Preppy/Urban-ish lol. One day I’d probably wear a skinny neck-tie or something then the next day I’d probably wear some puffy sweat-pants and go out looking like “buu” from Dragon ball-Z lol it’s all good though! But I always like to have a vintage piece on me, it shows how time-less the clothing is.

Q:What designers inspire you guys to do what you do?


Remy: Like I said before, no designer inspires me to do what I do, more like, an actual character or individual person inspires me or I inspire me. As cocky as that sounds it’s the truth haha. But when it comes to designers there is one person who is the closest thing I have to an idol when it comes to consistently beautiful designs, and that is the god himself Ralph Lauren. It’s classic, Ralph Lauren will never be played out or tacky, it will always be relevant.

Jovany: Well, I was always into art! It started at a very young age. My father is a graffiti artist, so I’ve basically been around art my whole life. When I was younger round’ 5-6 I would sneak into my dads black-books and fill in what he never did and/or trace his pieces on paper, haha I always got yelled at for it though. But if I had to pick one specific designer it would be somewhere in between Taz Arnold and the almighty Ralph Lauren.

Q:I’ve looked at the site and I don’t want to pry, but where do you guys get your blog material from because there is some exclusive shit on here.


Remy: In terms of exclusive shit you defiantly need to ask Jovany about all that! Haha he blogs about all the outside world stuff, I just blog about things that pop up in my head! Jovany got the connect!

Jovany: haha for a kid as young as me I really get around! I have a vast netowork, so like I said before I’d do a post on a projects friends/accquaintances from LA-NY are working on or like if we go to/get invited to “special” events I’d post that too. The main purpose for our blog is follow the progression of ADEEN.

Q:What are the actions you guys are taking to make Adeen a household name?


Remy: Well what I’m doing is promoting the HELL out of myself. Lookbook, twitter, facebook, a mixtape, ADEEN radio at my college, Myspace, Modeling, Red Ribbon Army, Many Many Photo shoots with upcoming photographers, Young Crafter$ and just walking around being as fly and as energetic as possible. I’m very outgoing and bursting with personality. Get to know me!!! As well as future collaborations with artists and clothing lines! You’ll see everything soon! I actually REALLY want to work with Dee & Ricky one day, I have some pretty sick ideas in mind, tellem to holla at me!!!

Jovany: Yes! We have so much going on right now! Me Diggy and an amazing girl named Lyna from France are in the process of developing a project called “young crafters” a few styling jobs here and there,and what ever comes up after this comes up! lol

Q:What is the future of Adeen?


Remy&Jovany: We are the future of ADEEN. Me and Jovany, feel like we have so much to do but are 10000% capable of doing it. We can take over this fashion world, we have our chance and we can make all of our dreams come true. We also do styling which can lead us to get to know people in the industry and then BUST OUT WITH DESIGNS! Killing it everywhere we go!! It’s a fool proof plan I promise, I promise. As for future projects Diggy,Jovany and an amazing girl from France just kicked off “young crafters” as I said above which is something the world will hear about very very soon! Take this journey with us from 2010 on!

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