Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kanye West

At the VMA's last night..... Hillarious, to be honest. It was not the time nor was it the place but thats Kanye. I don't understad why everyone is saying how he is such a horrible person. He has an ego and thats all. He doesn't always know when things are appropriate or not. He had a point though..... How did Taylor Swift win over Beyonce in one categorie but later on Beyonce won video of the year? Does that make Taylor Swifts video better than the video of the year? People are saying now that Kanye isn't all that great.... What? Count the Grammy's and the platinum plaques. Who else is on his level right now? Who can do the things hes done or is doing? Taylor Swift isn't even all that talented. Sure she can make a good song but... Who is a btter artist? People are also saying that Kanye did it for attention, but i guarantee that people would not have been talking about Taylor Swift for this long if he had not done that. And Taylor Swift did not even thank Beyonce.

Oh yeah and Fuck Jay Leno for his out of line question tonight on his show.

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