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Creativity at it's prime!, they beat us to it! By Brooklyn Circus

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ADONIS interview by Ennwhysee!

rembrandt duran
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If you are an attractive girl from an NYC high school, chances are, you know him. My good friend, womanizer, and style icon, Remy Duran agreed to let me interview him on his own style, views on fashion, and other things you may not know about him. And since we are the children of the 21st century, this interview took place on ichat.

mara: So tell me a little bit about yourself

remy: Well, im a mexican dutch jew born and raised in the East village. very influenced by my surroundings. especially with the way i dress and the way i think

mara: when did you become interested in fashion?

remy: well i was force fed fashion ever since i was ababy, my mom kinda wanted a girl so she used to dress me up as if i were a girl, no dresses or anything but maaannny clothes. i had my first leather jacket when i was 3. but i really really got interested in it when i was in my freshman year, where if you didnt dress nice you were nobody

mara: haha well as far as i know, you are definitely not a nobody. which high school did you attend?

remy: I went to the wack ass high school of art and design

mara: so alot of your friends from high school are also stylish and interested in fashion?

remy: well.... alot of them THINK they are, theres only a few that realllyyy eccentuate what i Me, Guy Montgomery, Jovany Perez and......did I say me? lol

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Remy and Guy from a recent photoshoot

remy: There are a few girls too but i dont really follow womens fashion like that

mara: hahah why not? alot of male designers and style icons say that they favour women's clothing over menswear because women's clothing is more versatile, and has a broader horizon for design and such. do you disagree?

remy: its not that i disagree..... its just that... it doesnt apply to me

remy: like

remy: the fashion that i am interested is mens

remy: girls fashion is pretty to look at but thats about it fir me

remy: to me its like art instead of something i would ever wear. i take inspiration from it for my outfits buts prettier than mens fashion. mens fashion is more actual clothing to me. Do you understand? i hope i dont sound ignorant lol

mara: no no haha i understand what your saying.

mara: so then how would you explain your 'look'? its certainly not only inspired by womens clothing, so what else inspires you to dress the way you do?

remy: well Ralph Lauren is my IDOL!!! fashion wise of course. He makes the most beautiful clothing that looks good on ANYONE. Thats the type clothing i hope one day i can be a part of. But some of my dressing icons are, Janelle Monae, Fonzworth Bently, Andre 3000 and Pops from the Wayans Bros. im reluctant tosay Kanye West because its so cliche, but i must admit everything looks good on him lol almost anything

mara: the people you mentioned wear mostly suits and dress up alot as a casual thing, as far as i know anyway, so do you find yourself wearing suits/blazers/dressy outfits often?

remy: alll the time

remy: like

remy: Janelle Monae actually wears a uniform of black and white suits ONLY. Bowties and any form of neck tie so great to me. a patterned blazer would be my like holy grail of clothing, like..... a floral print blazer, like those old wallpapers? i WISH someone made that. I love tight fitting clothing as well. I think baggy looks sloppy at times. But with that dressed up look, i have to dress it down a bit so i dont look like errbody else. I ALWAYS wear a fitted. and i love wearing suits with sneakers. High tops only of course. I also wear as MUCH pink as possible

mara: you should really tell someone about that wallpaper blazer idea, that sounds great. have you ever designed or thought about designing clothes yourself?

remy: yeah i was actually in my school fashion show 3 years running and for my senior year i designed and made 2 garments. for it. One of them was a skirt for a man which i called it a skMirt lol i thought it was clever. But career wise im looking more into like politics or law. try and bring some style to the white house lol i love fashion and it will never leave me, nor will i leave it but im not that good at it to be successful.

mara: oh i see i see. what sparked your interests in law/politics? i know, fashion can't be on your mind 24/7, but i feel like i always saw you as someone who would pursue a career in fashion or design. the main reason being that you attended art and design high school lol.

remy: haha yeah well art and deisgn really killed my passion for art yet ironically sparked one for dressing realy well.which i guess is an art. What really inspired me to get into politics was the movie Milk. some one so idffernt making a difference to many different people. its all about being unique and using your uniqueness as inspiration to inspire others. sounds like a big redundant mess but in my mind it makes sense. If what i do or how i look can inspire someone not not even do something but just to be inspired. then ive succeeded

mara: beautiful words remy, beautiful words

remy: lol thanks thanks

remy: ive never told any one that actually

mara: well im glad you told me

mara: and the internet

remy: lol yes yes anytime. anything for you mara :D

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